Victoria Soto School

Vicki-Author's Tea

Every child that walks through the Victoria Soto School will know what an amazing teacher Vicki was. It is our hope that they will have the kind of learning experience Vicki always achieved in her classroom with love, laughter, compassion. Those who knew Vicki or those who were so blessed to be taught by her are truly lucky, as dedicated teachers like her are not found everywhere.

Construction on the Victoria Soto School has already begun and the hope is to have her school opened for the August 2015 school year. There will be 10 classrooms for kindergarten to second grade, with the ability to hold 290 students in total.

For more information on the Victoria Soto School, please see the Stratford Star article link:


Throwback Thursday!

Vicki with her favorites! Ever since she was a little girl she loved flamingos so much! Her room was decorated with all things flamingo and whenever she would see something with a flamingo on it, she would buy it. Now, to honor and celebrate Vicki’s life, the beloved flamingo reminds us of Vicki and all that she loved.

Vicki & Flamingos 1

Vicki & Flamingos 2