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VSMS 2016 Stratford Scholarship Winners

Katelyn Root WEB    Olivia Mastroluca WEB

We are excited to announce the local 2016 recipients of the Vicki Soto Memorial Scholarship are Stratford seniors Katelyn Root from Bunnell High School and Olivia Mastroluca from Stratford High School. Both Katelyn and Olivia are pursuing degrees in the field of education and exemplify Vicki’s passion for education and fun spirit.

Below: Katelyn Root (pictured center) of Bunnell High School is our 2016 recipient of The Vicki Soto Memorial Scholarship. Katelyn will be studying education at Vicki’s alma mater, Eastern Connecticut State University in the fall. Vicki’s brother Mathew is on the right and on the left is Emily Mackay, one of our 2014 scholarship winners. Emily gave a heartfelt speech and announced this years winner. Congratulations Katelyn!

Katelyn Root2

Below: Olivia Mastroluca (pictured center) of Stratford High School is our 2016 recipient of The Vicki Soto Memorial Scholarship. Olivia will be attending Fairfield University in the fall. On the right is Maggie Bodington, our other 2014 scholarship winner and Vicki’s brother Mathew is on the left. Maggie gave an awesome speech to announce our winner for this year. Congratulations Olivia!

Olivia Mastroluca2

We wish all of The Vicki Soto Memorial Scholarship winners, past and present, continued success in life and education. Thank you for carrying on Vicki’s legacy.

Give Kindness

Act on the love in your soul. Do one act of random kindness. The world needs some extra love these days and kindness is easy to give away.


Our Hearts Are With Orlando

Words fail to describe the sadness we feel today, as 49 innocent people were killed while they were enjoying their lives.

What has this world come to? Why are we okay with our government not doing anything to stop this? Thoughts and prayers are nice and comforting. After Sandy Hook, we certainly felt your love but your actions, letters, tweets, your words to your elected officials will mean more. Show your outrage, show your anger, show your unwillingness to tolerate this type of violence.

In the end love will win if we all fight hard enough to end this hatred and violence.


Save The Date Everyone!

SaveTheDate 2016-2

2nd Annual National Gun Violence Awareness Day



Tomorrow, on the 2nd Annual National Gun Violence Awareness Day, we ask you to ‪#‎WearOrange‬ for all victims of gun violence and to ‪#‎WearOrangeForVicki‬ to remember why we fight so hard to make sure this doesn’t happen to another family.