Miss Soto Literacy Legacy, Flamingo Fun with Author & Illustrator of “Sylvie”, Ms. Jennifer Sattler

Thank you to everyone who joined us yesterday at the Stratford Public Library for the “Sylvie” read aloud by the author/illustrator, Ms. Jennifer Sattler! The meet and greet, book signing and kids fun time was such a great success and we loved seeing all the kid’s excited about the book! Over 3,000 “Sylvie” copies were distributed to every family in Stratford with a student in K-6th grade public schools. Have fun reading this book this summer and thank you for helping us to keep Vicki’s legacy alive!

Jennifer Sattler

Jennifer Sattler



3000 Sylvie books were distributed to every family in Stratford with a student in K-6th grade public school. Vicki’s legacy lives on

Miss Soto Literacy Legacy, Author Reading

Please join us tomorrow as we host the author of “Sylvie” Ms. Jennifer Sattler. She will be coming to Stratford to read aloud to the kid’s and have some Flamingo Fun!


Miss Soto Literacy Legacy, Parent Post

“Every night since our son was born we have read a story at bed time. A new book in our house is something that causes great excitement and is something we all look forward to.

Today a new book came home in my son’s backpack as part of the “Miss Soto’s Literacy Legacy” and so very appropriately, is a book about a flamingo. It is with so much mixed emotion that I read this book tonight. It breaks my heart to know the truth in why this book is coming home, the truth in why the “Miss Soto’s Literacy Legacy” even exists. But at the same time, it warms my heart to know that her memory will live on and that her life albeit short, had purpose and will have profound meaning for her family and my town far beyond my life.

My family will always be #teamvickisoto and we will always strive to Live. Laugh. Love.”


Miss Soto Literacy Legacy, All 3,000 “Sylvie” Books Distributed!

All “Sylvie” books have been dropped off and distributed at all of the Stratford Elementary schools! It was a pleasure going to Franklin Elementary School to see how excited these kids were to get their books. In the green bags are 231 copies of “Sylvie”. When the children from Franklin found out that their families would be getting a copy of the book, they were overwhelmed with happiness! We also dropped books off at Victoria Soto School where teacher, Mrs. DeAngelo got the children excited for this fun summer read! Books can change lives and reading to a child changes theirs. Please take some time to read with your children and have a safe and happy summer!

Franklin Elementary School


Miss Soto Literacy Legacy, Announcement Reveal!

School is almost out for the summer but before the last bells rings on the 2016-2017 school year, Miss Soto’s Literacy Legacy has one more book to share! “Miss Soto Literacy Legacy Project” is proud to announce the final book selection for this year, “Sylvie” by Jennifer Sattler. We wanted to do something special for our community. This special addition of “Sylvie” has been printed for every family in Stratford’s public schools, grades K through 6.

Over 3,000 copies will be distributed at each school this week! This project has been a year in the making and we would not have been able to accomplish this without the help of the author and Penguin Random House Publishing.

“Sylvie” the pink flamingo, goes through a journey of self-discovery after learning the reason why she is the color pink. She tries different ways to change herself and the way she looks, but ultimately finds out that it’s simply better to just be yourself. We hope this book will “tickle you pink” as much as it did us and Miss Soto! She not only loved flamingos but kept this book in her classroom where she often read it aloud to her students. It was one of her favorites, so we hope you enjoy this book as much as she did.

“Sylvie” is the ninth book in the legacy project series and the fifth book selection for this year. Since 2015, “Miss Soto Literacy Legacy Project” has been collaborating with the Stratford Board of Education to distribute over 1,800 books to over 250 classrooms and teachers across the Stratford K-6 school district.

We also invite you to join us on June 29, 2017 at 4:00pm in the Lovell Room of the Stratford Public Library located at 2203 Main Street for a meet and greet with the author/illustrator of “Sylvie”, Ms. Jennifer Sattler. She will be reading the book out loud and will be hosting a creative art activity as well. We hope you will join us for this very special event!

Sylvie7       Sylvie8

Miss Soto Literacy Legacy, Stratford Announcement Coming Soon!

Our past and present scholarship winners, as well as our Team Vicki volunteers, were very busy getting ready for a big Stratford announcement! We have something very special planned for “Miss Soto’s Literacy Legacy”! Stay tuned students in the Stratford School System. Thank you to our volunteers and scholarship recipients who were a tremendous help and who are all part of the Team Vicki Soto Family.

Miss Soto Literacy Legacy, “The Sandwich Swap”

Today, across the entire Stratford Public School District, over 200 classrooms will receive the book “The Sandwich Swap” written by Queen Rania of Jordan Al Abdullah. This book will be read to students as the fourth book in this year’s Miss Soto’s Literacy Legacy program.

In the book, Lily and Salma are best friends. Lily eats peanut butter and Salma eats hummus but what is it that is different between friends? It turns out, a lot. Before they know it, a food fight breaks out! The smallest things can pull us apart until we learn that friendship is far more powerful than differences. Salma, Lily and all their classmates come together in the true spirit of tolerance and acceptance.

If you have a child in the district ask them about this book and engage in conversation about how important literacy is, as reading was something Vicki was very passionate about.



Miss Soto Literacy Legacy, “Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch”

Today the Vicki Soto Memorial Fund, Inc. will deliver 250 copies of the book “Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch” across our community as part of Miss Soto’s Literary Legacy Project. We had the honor of working with the books’ illustrator to make this all possible. If you have children in the Stratford School District, we encourage you to ask them about the book, Miss Soto Literacy Legacy, and how their class is getting involved!

Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch

Miss Soto Literacy Legacy, Kathryn Otoshi Visits Stratford Schools

Today we hosted co-author and illustrator Kathryn Otoshi of “Beautiful Hands” at The Vicki Soto School and Wilcoxson Elementary School. Below are pictures of Kathryn Otoshi’s visit, reading her book and inspiring our students. “Beautiful Hands” was the first book in Miss Soto’s Literacy Legacy for this school year and was distributed to over 200 classrooms in Stratford to be read by over 5,000 students.

Miss Soto Literacy Legacy, 2016-2017 Books

Miss Soto Literacy Legacy is proud to announce the Stratford Schools 2016-2017 books for the year. Starting in October, classrooms across K-6 will receive copies of “Beautiful Hands” by Bret Baumgarten, followed by three more books. Our incredible teachers will present these titles and their lessons for literacy and character development throughout the academic school year.  Thank you to everyone who supports the Vicki Soto Memorial Fund, Inc. as you are helping to make our programs a reality.