Live, Laugh, Love, READ!

The first book in this years Miss Soto’s Literacy Legacy, “Beautiful Hands” by Bret Baumgarten and Kathryn Otoshi, was just dropped off at the Stratford Board of Education! This book will be distributed to over 200 classrooms in Stratford to be read by over 5,000 students!


“What To Do With a Tail Like This”

The second book in “Miss Soto’s Literacy Legacy” is “What To Do With a Tail Like This” by Steven Jenkins and Robin Page. The book teaches kids how animals use their ears, noses, mouths, tails, eyes and feet in different ways, in a beautifully illustrated and interactive book.

Students in kindergarten each picked an animal and made books about what the animal’s special body part does. The students in first grade changed the title for a project they were working on to “What To Do With a Heart Like This” in response to showing kindness and ways to spread it throughout the school.

A special thanks to the staff at the Victoria Soto School for sending us pictures and showing us how they use and display “Miss Soto’s Literacy Legacy” project.

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How we invest in the community

As the year wraps up we just wanted to write a little post about the amazing things we have been able to do through your donations to the Vicki Soto Memorial Fund, Inc.  As you know we give out scholarships, but we are also able to help many other organizations in our community to keep Vicki’s legacy going.  Here are a few ways we have been able to help.


  • SHS and BHS scholarships
  • Big brother/Big Sister program support


  • SHS and BHS scholarships
  • Miss Soto Literacy Project
  • Stratford Library program support
  • Free Libraries in Stratford community centers
  • Fairfield Police educational scholarship
  • Ben’s Bells program support

Thank you all for allowing us to make such a large impact in the community.